Vendors and Tobacco/Vaping Policy

UpdatedTuesday November 16, 2021 byChris Kelly.

Brookwood Baseball & Softball Vendors and Tobacco/Vaping Policy

Licensed Vendors

All individuals/companies who sell/promote items during games and practices must secure a vendor’s license from the Gwinnett County Department of Parks and Recreation (GCPR). Currently we have two licensed vendors for our program.

  • Southern Sno Shaved Ice has a license to operate the free-standing trailer parked next to field 4, and they also operate our concession stand. John and Allison Lindsey are the owners of Southern Sno. They have served our park for several years with their shaved ice trailer. This year they agreed to operate our concession stand as well. They have added several new items, and they are doing a wonderful job. Please support them with your business!
  • Sportography has a license to take individual and team photos of our players and to sell packages to participants. We schedule picture day during the opening weekend of each season, and we occasionally offer a make-up opportunity for pictures.

No other individuals or companies have a license to sell items on our premises. You can help us in the following ways:

  • Please do not purchase items from ice cream trucks or other food vendors when our concession stand is open. Purchasing items from these unlicensed vendors takes business away from our licensed vendor.
  • Please do not respond to solicitations from unauthorized vendors. 


Tobacco/Vaping Policy

All Gwinnett County parks are tobacco free facilities. By county rule, our board must enforce this policy on fields, in dugouts, and in the common areas surrounding our fields. BBSA extends this rule to include vaping of all kinds. If you use tobacco in any form or vape, please go to your car or go to the parking lot, and find an area where you are no less than fifty (50) feet from other individuals. A board member or league representative will instruct anyone who is using any form of tobacco or vaping in any of the areas listed above to stop immediately and/or relocate to the parking lot. Failure to comply with this request will result in an immediate ejection from the dugout/field/common area and could result in a hearing before our disciplinary panel.


Inman J. Houston, President

Brookwood Baseball & Softball Association