Safety Alert!

Updated Friday June 16, 2017 by Matt Norman.

There was an attempted child abduction at Mountain Park Park on Sunday, June 9th...please see attached link and the message below from the Board of Diretors of MPAA (sent to their participants).

Dear Park Parents:

The Board of Directors have been made aware of an attempted abduction of a child at Mountain Park Park on Sunday. According to the child's father, the child was walking from the batting cages to field 2 when an unknown man grabbed him and told him to come with him. The child got away, but the abductor was not located. A police report was filed and the police are investigating.

In light of this, please be diligent and accompany your children while at the park or at least have a buddy system so your child is not alone. Hopefully this individula will be located by law enforcement and the Board will keep you informed.

Thank you,

MPAA Board