Softball Draft Procedures

UpdatedThursday December 27, 2018 byJim Olwine.



1. If player evaluations are held, each manager will be responsible assessing the skill level of each individual player based on his/her own judgment. All players not attending try-outs will be placed into one of two categories:

Category A: (Players whose abilities and talents can be verified by Managers or Coaches)  These players will be rated by all managers and persons of knowledge (as deemed by the league director) and be ranked as A (Rounds 1-2) B (Rounds 3-4) C (Rounds 5-6) D (Rounds 7-9) E (Rounds 10-12) 

Category B: (Players whose abilities and talents are unknown to managers and coaches)

2. Each team’s Manager and coach will be allowed to freeze their children playing in the same league. These players will be “slotted” into a specific round based on the child’s skill level relative to the entire pool of eligible players.  Each manager will rate all manager/coaches children (assuming he/she has knowledge of said player) as part of the overall evaluation process. A recommendation will be provided by each league director as to where each manager/coach’s child should be slotted for the draft.  The slotting will be discussed and agreed to by a majority of the coaches prior to the draft beginning. If the coach or manager does not have a child on the team they will not be allowed to freeze a child. In the older age groups minor and up consideration should be given to pitchers and catchers. These position players need to be highlighted before the draft starts. We need to make sure each team has one of each before a team is allowed to have two.

The following criteria should be considered and discussed in determining the rank of Managers and Coaches kids:

a) Athletic ability
b) Returning All Star
c) All Star moving up to next league
d) Returning pitcher or catcher

3. Players ranked the same will be placed as follows:

1-1 result 1-2
2-2 result 1-3
3-3 result 2-4 etc.

In the special case of both players being rated first round draft picks, the players will be slotted in the first and second round and, the manager’s third and fourth round draft picks will both occur at the end of those respective rounds.  In the event there are two or more teams rated with two #1’s, the order at the end of rounds 3 and 4 will be determined by the original order of the draft.

4. The Draft order will be determined by a selection of numbers from a hat. The draft will then proceed in round 1 beginning with the manager who selected number 1 in the draw. The order of selection will then be reversed in round two – with the highest number selecting first in round. Each round thereafter will proceed in this manner – reversing order each round. A manager will forfeit his/her selection in the round during which the manager or coaches’ child is slotted for the draft.

5. Siblings will be placed on the same team.  Once a sibling has been drafted, the other sibling will be discussed and ranked.  The drafting Manager would then have the opportunity to withdraw his/her selection or take both siblings in the position determined as a result of the “sibling” discussion.

6. Each team should be prepared for the draft procedures prior to the draft.  Preparation should include but not be limited to; an official numbered listing of all players eligible for the draft, identification of tryout players, identification of siblings/special needs, pens, pencils, hi-liters, marker (anything that helps keep up with the draft).  When the draft begins; your selection should include the players’ name and number from the draft list.  Each team will be limited to one minute to make a selection in any given round.  The clock begins to run after the administrator has recorded the previous selection and announced which team is on the clock.  The administrator will announce that you have 15 seconds to make a choice, if you do not select when time is called, the draft will proceed to the next team in the order.  The passed team will then be asked for a choice again, within 15 seconds.  This will continue until that team makes a choice.

7. Trades between teams will be considered to accommodate special cases, at the conclusion of the draft. This must be approved by the league director. All teams are final once the draft meeting is concluded.

8. Team names/colors/practice first choice are assigned using the following criteria:

a) Returning Manager (same league)
b) Manager Moving Up
c) Coaches (same league)
d) Coaches (moving up)
e) New Managers to league