UpdatedWednesday March 4, 2020 byBrookwood Athletic Association Baseball & Softball.

A maximum of ten (10) defensive players will be allowed on the field with a maximum of six (6) in the dirt prior to the ball being hit.

Pitchers must wear a protective face mask and chest (heart) guard.All batters must have a chin strap on their helmet. 

A batter may not run on a dropped third strike. All other runners may advance as the ball is still considered live.

Only one base may be stolen by each base runner per pitch. The running attempting a steal may not advance to the next base on an overthrow by the catcher.

The 4th outfielder must begin each pitch on the outfield grass.

A fake bunt followed by a full swing is NOT allowed at this age group.  A batter can fake a bunt but cannot pull the bat back and take a swing at the ball.  If a batter performs this act, she  will be declared out. Slap bunting/hitting is allowed as long as the batter does not first show a bunt.

 A courtesy runner may be requested for the pitcher or catcher. If requested, the courtesy runner will be the player who recorded the last batted out. If in the first inning, the courtesy runner is the last batter in the batting order. In subsequent innings, the courtesy runner is the last batted out that is not on base. If the player who made the last batted out is on base, the courtesy would then be the next previous player having made a batted out.

No coaches in the field during defensive play.