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Updated Tuesday August 9, 2016 by Brookwood Athletic Association Baseball & Softball.

 League Age Time Limit # innings Run Limit
Tee Ball 6U No new inning will be started after 65 min 5 5 runs, first 4 innings
10 runs 5th  inning
Pee Wee 8U No new inning will be started after 70 min 6 5 runs, 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th innings
3 in the 3rd and 10 runs 6th inning
and beyond
Minor 10U No new inning will be started after 80 min 6 3 runs per inning, first 3 innings, 5 runs in the 4th inning and beyond
Major 12U No new inning will be started after 80 min 6 3 runs per inning, first 3 innings, 5 runs in the 4th inning and beyond
Junior 14U No new inning will be started after 80 min 7 3 runs per inning, first 3 innings, 5 runs in the 4th inning and beyond

Senior 18U

No new inning will be started after 80 min 7 3 runs per inning, first 3 innings, 5 runs in the 4th inning and beyond


Championship games will have no time limitÍž Mercy rule still applies.

A Tee Ball or PeeWee game that ends in a tie will result in a tie. All other leagues will play 1 extra inning using the “International Tie Breaker” rule. The last batter to have completed her at bat in the previous inning will be the designated runner for the extra inning.  In the event the game is still tied after one extra inning, a tie will be declared.  In the fall season, games will be allowed to end in a tie and no international tie breaker rule will be used.

The mercy rule is defined by a lead that is insurmountable based on the total remaining innings and run limit for each of those innings.

For example
Tee Ball - 16 run lead after 3 innings or; 11 run lead after 4 innings
Pee Wee – 16 run lead after 4 innings or; 11 run lead after 5 innings
Minor and Major - 11 run lead after 4 innings or; 6 run lead after 5 innings 

In the case of inclement weather, at least ½ of the game would need to have been played to be considered a complete game. This would be ½ of the maximum possible innings.  Games that are not considered regulation shall be resumed at the exact point where they stopped. Scorebook keepers from both teams should reconcile books and document game situation at point of suspension. The home team scorebook will be the official book.

The infield fly rule will not be applied to the Tee Ball, Pee Wee and Minor Age divisions.  It will, however, apply to all other age divisions.

In the Tee Ball and Pee Wee divisions, time outs for conferences will be limited to 3 per regulation game with 1 additional for extra innings. All other age groups will be governed by limits on mound trips.

Sliding to reach a base safely will be allowed for all age groups. Players will be called out for a head first slide.  Diving back to a base is not considered a head first slide.

At least 7 players are required to start a game (6 for Tee Ball or Seniors). If a team has less than the required number of players available 15 minutes after of the official start time, the game will be forfeited. If a team begins a game with the required number of players, but loses a player due to injury or illness during the game, the game will not be forfeited.

An automatic out will not be scored for any missing player unless the game has started and the player leaves or misses her turn at bat for reasons other than injury or illness.

Unlimited defensive substitution will apply to all positions, except the pitcher’s position which will be governed by ASA rules concerning removal and re-entry.

All players on the roster will bat in a continuous rotating order. An offensive player, injured while running bases may be replaced by the offensive player making the last out. Batting order does not change.

A maximum of ten (10) defensive players will be allowed for Minor age groups and up.

Teams should plan to arrive at the designated time for pregame warm-up (cage time). If you are not there at the designated time, you will forfeit your pregame warm up time. Teams who are not ready to play at the scheduled game will risk forfeiture of the game.

Visiting Team (Except out of park teams) - 60 mins prior to game time (25 minute limit)

Home Team (Except when playing a team from out of park) - 35 mins prior to game time (25 minute limit)

Out of Park teams playing at Bethesda - 35 mins prior to game time (25 minute limit)

Use of a double first base will be mandatory for all age groups.

Rules not specifically covered herein will automatically revert to the most recent ASA Rule Book.

During the fall season, teams will be allowed to use up to 2 players from another team as needed. Pick-up players must be registered to play with your own Association during the then current season. No outside players should be used as pick-up players. Pick-up players should wear their own uniform and should be identified by the manager prior to the start of the game and noted on the line-up. Pick-up players will bat at the end of the batting order and should not pitch or catch. NO pick up players will be allowed during the spring except for unusual circumstances and must be approved by the league director.

In the event of injury, a pick-up pitcher or catcher will be considered. This must first be approved by your league Director and if the game is an inter-park game, the request should also be approved by the opposing team's Association’s league Director. In order to obtain appropriate approval, requests for pick-up pitchers or catchers should be submitted at least 48 hours in advance of game time unless the specified injury happened in a game less than 48 hours in advance of affected game.