Updated Tuesday January 3, 2017 by Brookwood Athletic Association Baseball & Softball.

Age Division Time Limit Max Innings Scoring Limits Bat Slinging Rule
18U Colt 1 Hour 50 Min 7 Innings None Team



Rules will follow: Major League Baseball

Courtesy runners can be used for the pitcher or catcher for the next defensive inning at any time.  The player making the last out before the pitcher/catcher reached base should be the courtesy runner.  Courtesy runners are voluntary; the offensive coaches option.






Bats: See League Rules for more detail.

The offensive coach can call a maximum of one timeout per batter.

Head first sliding for runners wearing helmets with face masks is not allowed when advancing to a base or home plate. The runner shall be called out.  Head first sliding is allowed when returning to a base.  Head first sliding is OK for runners wearing helmets with no facemasks when advancing or returning to a base.

Any action by a batter or a runner that results in contact or near contact with a defensive player which, in the opinion of the umpire, appears to be malicious shall result, in the batter or runner being called out and ejected from the game. Other runners will be allowed to keep bases reached at the time of such incidence but further advancement shall not be allowed on the play.