Peanut League

Updated Wednesday November 29, 2017 by Brookwood Athletic Association Baseball & Softball.

Game Period – 55 minutes or four innings.

Scheduled Games – There will be one practice during the week and one game every week, usually Saturday morning. 

Players – Boys and Girls

Batting - Every player on each team will bat every inning. For the first inning, each batter will get three pitches and then hit off the tee. For the second and third inning, a tee will be used. After five unsuccessful swing attempts, the coach will help the batter hit the ball off the tee. Each offensive player advances one base with the last batter hitting a “home run”. There will be an arc drawn from the first base line to the third base line 2 feet from the tee to mark the area where the ball is considered a fair ball. All batters and base runners must have a helmet on at all times while on the playing field.

Defense – All players will play in the field during each inning. Infielders are to play Pitcher, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, and  all other players are to stand on the edge of the outfield/infield line. Players will be rotated each inning.

Coaches – For the offensive team: one coach at each first and third base, one in pitcher’s circle, and one catching. For the defensive team: two coaches spread out between first and second, and second and third bases with the infield players. Coaches from both teams are to help guide the runners and the fielders with what they need to do, no matter which team the player is on.

Infield Plays – Each player hits the ball and advances to first; while the defensive team is tries to get the ball to first. There are no “outs”. The defensive team wants to try and get the ball to first base every time. Mid-season, coaches can have their defensive team try to get the ball to the nearest base. Then the first baseman gives/throws the ball back to the home plate coach to get ready for the next batter.

Conduct – There are no umpires in this league. Managers, coaches, and players must observe all of Brookwood Baseball Code of Ethics at all times during practice and games.

This is a learning league and a chance for these players (boys and girls) to learn the very basics of the game and have fun. Teams will have no more than 8 players so that we can facilitate more “playing” and less “waiting”.