For Our Players

UpdatedTuesday March 22, 2022 byBrookwood Athletic Association Baseball & Softball.

Player's Code of Conduct

Baseball is a team game which is played for enjoyment, for physical fitness, and for a feeling of accomplishment. Because it is a team sport, a good baseball player will develop a spirit of cooperation, learning to enjoy the give and take of team play.

Learn to encourage your own teammates and realize that you are seeking a common goal - the satisfaction of a game well played.

View each game as a learning opportunity that comes from losses as well as victories, and that you are stronger for having played.

Treat opposing teams as guests and learn to value their strengths and abilities, as well as those of your own team.

Respect your coach, your teammates, your opponents and the game at all times, and try to learn from each practice session and game situation.

Always treat umpires and officials with respect, realizing that every umpire seeks to call each game to the best of his or her ability, and their function is to help assure that a fair, safe game is played. You can help by your attitude and behavior.

If chosen to represent your division, league, state or region in tournament play, do so with pride and conduct yourself in such a manner as to bring honor to yourself and those you represent; your family, your teammates and the Brookwood Community.

Good sportsmanship demands self-control. There is no place in the game of baseball for violence or unfair play of any kind. Retaliation for injuries is never acceptable.  Throwing, or abuse of equipment, is not allowed at any time. 

The use of profanity during any game or practice, is prohibited.