Lightning Policy

UpdatedSunday December 13, 2015 byBrookwood Athletic Association Baseball & Softball.

Brookwood Athletic Association for Baseball and Softball Lightning Safety Plan


• Suspension of a game or activity can be called by a BAAB Board Member or Umpire.

• A lightning detector is installed on the large concession stand and will sound a siren when lightning is in the area and presents a threat to the park.

• In the event that the siren sounds off or a game or activity is suspended, everyone MUST leave the field. Please seek shelter immediately in your car, in the bathrooms, or in the concession stands. Do NOT seek shelter under the concession stand overhangs, as this is not a safe area.

• Please DO NOT re-enter the field area until the continuation of play has been initiated by the BAAB Board Member. The lightning detector will emit 3 siren bursts – sounding the “all clear” to indicate that the lightning has passed.

• Notification of continuation of games or activities will be communicated by the Board Member. To ensure uniformity and the safety of all players, coaches and spectators the continuation of games or activities can ONLY be initiated by the BAAB Board Member.