All Star Selection Procedures

UpdatedThursday April 22, 2021 byBrookwood Athletic Association Baseball & Softball.

All Star Baseball

To be eligible for an All-Star team, the player must be in good standing, and have played in the respective league during the regular season.

Birth Certificates will be required to verify that a player’s age matches the League Age requirement for the respective league.

The Manager will be determined by the following:
League Managers should submit nominations for All Star Manager(s) to their respective League Director, by May 1st.

The League Director will compile nominations and submit a recommendation to the BAAB Board of Directors. The All Star Manager will be determined with approval by the BAAB Board.

The Manager will select their coaches from the League’s Managers, Coaches or Parents of the All Stars, subject to BAAB Board Approval. This process should be complete prior to the commencement of the respective League's post-season Tournament.

All Star Teams
Each League can select at least one team composed of 11 or 12 players to represent BAAB in post season All Star tournaments. More than one team may be selected based on the total number of players in a respective league. When multiple teams are selected, the teams can be formed by age group in the Tee Ball (5U, 6U), Pee-Wee (7U, 8U), Minor (9U, 10U), and Major (11U, 12U) leagues, or can be made up of mixed ages. Example: Majors may have a 12U team and an 11U team, or teams comprised of 11U and 12U players. 

Pony and Colt All Stars will be by BAAB and League Directors discretion.

Player Selection
Prior to the League post-season tournament, League Managers will provide the League Director a list of players from their own team, to be considered for the All-Star team. Prior to nomination, parents of these nominated candidates should be approached by the team’s manager to confirm that they will be available to play and practice between Memorial Day and mid-July. Parents should fully understand the committment required, both from a time and financial obligation standpoint, in order to make a decision about proceding with a nomination for their child.

The League Directors are responsible for compiling the list of players and distributing the names to all League Managers so that they can evaluate the nominees, prior to selection. League Managers should keep an accurate scorebook (and if possible compile statistics) on their players during the season to aid in the selection and player comparison process.

The All Star selection meeting will be held at, or by, the conclusion of the regular season, place & time TBA. The meeting is led by a BAAB board member and Managers only are to attend. In the event a Manager is unable to attend; the Board will have the authority to approve a representative.

The team is to consist of at least 11, with a maximum of 12, players. It is not mandatory that all teams in the league are represented. 

The selection will begin with a vote for the players. The League Director or a Board Member will be present and count votes. Players receiving unanimous votes will be an All Star. At that time, discussion can begin regarding the rest of the players. Each manager will be given time to discuss his/her nominated players. Upon completion of the discussion, another vote can be taken. The All Star Manager will have the final decision on players not receiving unanimous vote. There are NO official alternate players. If there are multiple All Star teams representing a League, the All Star Managers and the League Director have the final decision regarding the official makeup of each team's respective roster.

Once named to a team, if a player is unable to attend a week of practice, or be unavailable for a tournament, the Manager and the League Director can, at their discretion, replace the player. In the event a player named to an All Star team must be replaced, the All Star Manager will select, from the eligible pool of players, any necessary replacement player(s). This replacement will remain standing until the conclusion of the All Star season.

Reminder: As stated in the draft procedures, a manager's/coach’s child drafted in the 5th round or later does not qualify for all-stars. (This is to protect the integrity of the regular season player drafts.)

BAAB will provide for a stipend toward covering some of the costs (uniforms, tournament entry fees etc). Costs above that amount is the responsibility of the team, for instance any other uniform extras, or tournaments the team decides to attend must be paid for by parents/sponsors.