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UpdatedThursday January 14, 2021 byBrookwood Athletic Association Baseball & Softball.

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 2021 BAAB Executive Board

Name Position E-Mail
Inman Houston President
Brian McKeon Vice-President
Rick Gangwisch Treasurer
Scott Sullivan Secretary
Frank Longo County Liason
Becky Roberts Softball Commissioner
Jim Olwine Baseball Commissioner


2021 BAAB Board Members

Name E-Mail
Cordenia Bennett
Rick Gangwisch
Marti Hamilton
Inman Houston
Jonathan Jones
Chris Kelly
Lance Layson
Frank Longo
Brian McKeon
Jim Olwine
Becky Roberts
Larry Salsameda
Scott Sullivan
Graham Tucker
Dave Wagner
Shaun Washington
Derrick Williams
League Mom              




2021 Spring League Directors
Peanut Cordenia Bennett
Teeball Jim Olwine
Peewee Larry Salsameda
Minor Scott Sullivan
Major Chris Kelly
Pony Shaun Washington
Colt Dave Wagner




Teeball  Marti Hamilton
Peewee Marti Hamilton
Minor Marti Hamilton
Major Marti Hamilton
Junior Becky Roberts
Senior Becky Roberts